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Etched Glass

Writing, Icons & Graphics

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Writing, Icons & Graphics

Welcome to Etched Glass, v.2.0. Why the 2.0? Well, I originally started using the journal etched_glass as a writing/poetry journal but then decided I would use it for my graphics and my icons as well. However, it became a bit of a hassle to log out of my regular account, and then log into the other, etc, just to post things up. So, hopefully, with the new community, it will not only be easier, it will allow others to contribute at a later date if it goes that way, or to watch, etc.

Credits & Resources

About my Graphics/Icons
I spent a lot of my free time making and coming up with creative things to share and post with other people. That said, please don't take or credit without permission. I try my best to give credit where it is due and I expect the same. More importantly, comments are love. Please take five seconds to tell me what you liked, what you hated or what you'd like to see more of.

+Credit is a must
+Do not hotlink
+PLEASE comment if you're taking
+Feedback always welcome!

The majority of Graphic/Icon posts will be public.

About my Poetry
I recently realized that with the loss of my website hosting, my poetry was lost out in cyberland and hey, that's just not cool. So I've archived everything I had on my site here. Most of these are at LEAST five years old, a lot of them go back to high school. I don't pretend to think they're genius, but they're snapshots of me from my past and I cherish them.

I'm a poet in my own time, in my own way. I don't pretend to be a great poet, and I don't expect to win any awards or stun the literary community. Like any creative outlet, this poetry gives me emotional release, and some people just happen to like it. Like shards of glass, these poems are pieces of the puzzle within myself, that I am constantly trying to piece together.

I hope you like it. I hope you hate it. I hope, if nothing else, you come away from this page with a different outlook on something in your life.

Just don't walk away without reading something. Enjoy the show.

All that said. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL OR USE THESE without PERMISSION. From ME. No one else. I WILL hunt you down otherwise.

If you can not see them, it's because you aren't a friend to the community. All poetry is friends-locked.