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RPG Profile Layout Codes: #2 - Single Character Bio/Profile

A note about these layout codes:

They are very customizable and if you play with them enough, I imagine you'll figure out how they work and be able to create your own. However, as long as you're using a base code you got from my sight, credit is appreciated, not because they're hard to do, but it will enable other people to come here and find some for themselves!

+Credit etchedglass or maleficently
+Comment if taking/using
+Feedback is always welcome
+Hotlinking is for thieves. And not the cool sexy Sky Pirate kind.

Very simple layout, that can either be put in the profile or in an entry itself, for displaying the bio of the character neatly and without much fuss.


the basics
Name: Etc, etc.
Age/Birthdate: Basic Stats.
Occupation: Blah Blah Blah
Appearance: Blah Blah Blah

the specifics
History: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam metus dui, adipiscing sed, mattis at, bibendum ut, ipsum. Quisque volutpat. Phasellus vitae risus. Aliquam venenatis aliquet ante. Suspendisse risus pede, bibendum ac, vehicula id, aliquam nec, dolor. Curabitur laoreet. Proin lacus ipsum, blandit in, egestas id, ornare at, lorem. Vestibulum a nunc. Sed aliquet euismod est. Donec nulla. Etiam consectetuer metus eget eros. Aliquam et ligula eu urna semper ornare. Etiam metus erat, euismod faucibus, molestie eu, blandit et, purus. Fusce vulputate ultrices odio. Duis ipsum tortor, condimentum ac, tincidunt ut, posuere vel, nisl. Fusce ultrices justo in eros.

Sed dui arcu, fringilla ac, pellentesque ac, rutrum in, leo. Fusce commodo. Nam facilisis purus non eros. Sed varius. Suspendisse non enim. In sit amet odio. Phasellus aliquet urna et nunc. Fusce sed est at nisi mollis interdum. Quisque enim lacus, malesuada vel, accumsan quis, vestibulum at, nunc. Cras consequat orci eu nulla. Etiam massa pede, pretium adipiscing, semper quis, aliquet sed, pede. Nam varius nulla. Aliquam auctor neque vitae risus. Donec eget neque vel massa volutpat rhoncus. Aenean vehicula, ante nec bibendum accumsan, lorem metus eleifend mi, eget bibendum mi ipsum et tellus. Donec at augue. Praesent nunc ante, suscipit id, dapibus id, pretium eu, metus. Duis tempus elementum justo.

Etiam nec diam in magna iaculis mollis. Nunc euismod, mauris convallis suscipit feugiat, dolor nunc tristique orci, non mollis elit eros at purus. In id velit bibendum nisi bibendum ultricies. Cras posuere tempor felis. Suspendisse urna. Cras nonummy. Sed quis lacus sit amet sem dignissim convallis. Aliquam erat volutpat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed id tellus in tellus tincidunt nonummy. Fusce interdum nibh vitae metus. Cras purus tortor, hendrerit ac, fringilla in, sodales et, velit. Nullam pretium, justo sit amet ultricies tincidunt, lectus justo convallis elit, a vestibulum velit dolor eget massa. Vivamus laoreet ullamcorper augue. Nullam non metus.

Personality: Vivamus sollicitudin commodo sem. Curabitur lacinia lacus id ante. Vestibulum semper, nulla et fermentum scelerisque, diam ipsum dapibus nisl, eget pulvinar quam libero et lectus. Etiam magna. Etiam eget neque. Fusce blandit, nulla vitae condimentum aliquet, diam elit eleifend dolor, in porta risus dolor nec elit. Phasellus sit amet dui. Duis vitae massa in libero luctus sollicitudin. Vivamus tortor arcu, eleifend et, blandit a, vehicula id, dui. Donec lacinia turpis sit amet dolor. Fusce et turpis vel justo ullamcorper porta. Sed id quam.

Quisque id augue non risus auctor condimentum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec ut ante. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Ut vehicula, augue ut lobortis lobortis, arcu tortor mollis mi, in pellentesque erat lacus non odio. Vivamus dui tellus, pharetra nec, feugiat eget, porttitor ullamcorper, quam. Cras pellentesque tincidunt ante. Sed nibh velit, nonummy eget, auctor vel, vulputate et, erat. In vitae ligula eu diam consequat porttitor. Nulla ultricies. Sed luctus volutpat orci. Cras fermentum condimentum tortor. Fusce at mi. Mauris placerat nibh quis massa. Nullam eu purus. Quisque tempus lectus nec odio. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hymenaeos.

Played-By: Pretty Celebrity Face
Profile Layout by Etched Glass @ LJ

I will answer questions about the coding, of course, but I expect you to have already exhausted the vast resources of the internet to find your answers first. Please don't ask basic HTML questions, just ones about my layouts specifically. There are many sites out there that have help for HTML and hex color codes.

A couple of resources that will help you customize your table for colors and text.
Basic HTML commands
Hex Color Codes

At this time, the graphics in this example are copyrighted to ME (or respective owners creditted on the original journals I used them on) and not to be re-used. They are for example only.

::TO USE::
Copy & Paste the code from this box into Notepad and edit accordingly to the instructions, etc. DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDIT LINK PLEASE!

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