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RPG Profile Layout Codes: #1 - Multi-Character Journal

First of what will hopefully be many Profile Layouts for RPG's, etc.

A note about these layout codes:

They are very customizable and if you play with them enough, I imagine you'll figure out how they work and be able to create your own. However, as long as you're using a base code you got from my site, credit is appreciated, not because they're hard to do, but it will enable other people to come here and find some for themselves!

+Credit etchedglass or maleficently
+Comment if taking/using
+Feedback is always welcome
+Hotlinking is for thieves. And not the cool sexy Sky Pirate kind.

This layout is best suited to a character profile or journal that hosts multiple characters, although more then three or so and I imagine it would start to look a little cluttered. This would also work well for a central journal that directs to someones writing, art, or roleplaying journals.


[dee-vee-uhns] noun:
1. a state or condition markedly different from the norm [syn: aberrance]
Name: Tygs
Character(s): Angel/Warren Worthington III, Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock
E-mail: posy[dot]wench[@]gmail[dot]com
Timezone: PST
Introduction Thread: meet me!
Wanted Scenes: wishlist
Marvel owns the concept of Angel/Psylock and the X-men universe. Ben Foster sadly, owns himself, as does Kristen Bell. This is for entertainment purposes for the game etchedglass. No I do not think I am actually a 6' winged man or a woman who can move things with her mind. Suing me will get you one very bitchy cat. Have at. More info about myself can be found at my RP dev/example journal: etched_glass.

Profile Layout by Etched Glass @ LJ

I will answer questions about the coding, of course, but I expect you to have already exhausted the vast resources of the internet to find your answers first. Please don't ask basic HTML questions, just ones about my layouts specifically. There are many sites out there that have help for HTML and hex color codes.

A couple of resources that will help you customize your table for colors and text.
Basic HTML commands
Hex Color Codes

At this time, the graphics in this example are copyrighted to ME and not to be re-used. They are for example only.

::TO USE::
Copy & Paste the code from this box into Notepade and edit accordingly to the instructions, etc. DO NOT REMOVE the credit link, please.

Tags: profile codes
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